The ROUGH RIDER review was the student-run newspaper of Theodore Roosevelt High School, Chicago, IL.    There have been requests to scan old copies but that doesn’t make for the best reading format almost 50 years later.  So this is a start at showing what the paper might have looked like as an online newspaper.

For those Rough Riders around the globe, remember and enjoy!  If you have copies of other editions than those published so far, please post a comment here with your email address.



Originally published by the students of

ROOSEVELT HIGH SCHOOL, 3436 W. Wilson Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60624


Asst. Principals

Dr. Herbert M. Zimmerman

Albert Kosloff
Frieda Brooks
Alfred Klein



Bette Strassman
Louis Gattona


Editor in Chief

Managing Editors

Feature Editors

Sports Editors

Copy Editor

Headline Editor

Layout Editors

Advertising Manager

In Review

Rough Riters


Russ Hirai

Marc Primack, David Schwartz

Cathy Rossobillo, Eileen Cooks

Scott Rosen, James Larkin

Laura Freeman

Patti Sande

Shirley Anderson, Carol Reinisch

Lynda Margolis

Laurie King

Diana Lenik

Rochelle Newman

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