Riders advance to semi-finals, pound Marshall

Pat Moran Scores
Pat Moran Scores
Erwin Jefferson passes to brother Paul
Erwin Jefferson passes to brother Paul

Roosevelt beat Marshall, the Red West champions, by the score of 93-79.

Throughout the game, Roosevelt kept Marshall 10 points away.  The closest Marshall came to capturing the lead was in the middle of the second quarter when they were only 6 points behind.

The only way Marshall was able to put a dent into Roosevelt’s offense was by fouls.  This tactic backfired, however as several key Commandos fouled out.

Paul Jefferson was the high scorer with 45 points.

Beat Farragut 96-79

Roosevelt won the first of its playoff games for the city basketball title, by pushing over Farragut by the score of 96 to 79.

Farragut’s defense had really no effect whatsoever on Roosevelt throughout the game, while Roosevelt’s full court press made Farragut give up the ball numerous times.

The leader scorer for the game was Paul Jefferson with 26 points.   James Williams put in 22 points while Pat Moran contributed 17 points.

Erwin Jefferson drives
Erwin Jefferson drives
James Williams drives against Farragut
James Williams drives against Farragut

Edge Von 74-73

Roosevelt proved to Von Steuben who should be nuber one in the Red North by beating them 74-73.

Though Von was leading 3 to 0 during the first minutes of the game, Paul Jefferson, Pat Moran and Larry Peoples put shots through to put us ahead 4 to 3.  This set the pattern for a tight game.

Both teams during the second quarter played similar to their first quarter performance with a lot of hard defense action.

With the score tied 35-all at the half, Von pressed even harder and made Roosevelt make offensive fouls.  Von led the Riders throughout the third quarter and made the score at the end of the third quarter Von 58- Roosevelt 51.

Roosevelt in the 4th quarter put on a full-court press, forcing Von turnovers and converting them into points.  With 1:59 remaining in the game, Roosevelt went ahead 71-70.

Paul Jefferson shot in another basket after the team threw the ball around, running out the clock.  James Williams made a foul shot for Roosevelt with 0:10 remaining.  Von next took the ball out and called time.  Von hurriedly brought the ball down and a Von man was fouled.

Even though the foul was called after time had run out, the man went to the line.  The fouled man was given the ball on a one-and-one shooting opportunity.  If the man had made the first shot, the game would have been tied making the game go into overtime.  If he made the second shot Von would have won the game.

But none of these “ifs” came true as Roosevelt ended the season with a berth in the Blue Division playoffs.

RHS 93 …………..Marshall 79

P.Jefferson 18   9 45
E. Jefferson   3   1   7
 Moran   9   3 21
 Peoples   5   5 15
Williams   0   3   3
Ray    1    0   2

Bowling team pounds Prosser; record 7-2

The Roosevelt Bowling Team stretched its record to 7 wins and 2 losses with a victory over Prosser.  The team exploded in the second game as Dennis Descher bowled a 222 game, George Lazewski rolled a 211, Tim Pigott and Lea Licea both had a 203 game and Scott Rosen bowled a 200 game.

In the third game Russel Johnson bowled a 190 and Carl Painter had a 184.  Mr. Fermoyle, the coach of the team is looking for a strong finish to the season.

Tim Pigott ... strikes
Tim Pigott … strikes


Frosh 2nd in North

The Roosevelt Frosh-Soph basketball team finished second in the Red North behind Senn.  The team posted a league record of 7-3 and an overall record of 8-8.

The starting team consists of Hodges Smith, Ted Slowik, Larry Williams, Oscar Towne and Bob Lewicki.

This past year’s Frosh-Soph will be a great addition to the ’70-’71 Varsity team because of the abundance of talent and height among its members.

Waveriders win Blue city title

The Roosevelt Waveriders won the Blue City Championship by sinking Schurz 48-46.

The team was led by Keith Clarke who won the 160-yard individual medley, the 100-yard butterfly and who swam in a winning medley relay.

Also pacing the team was Steve Trilling who won the 60- and 100-year freestyle and who swam in a winning medley relay.

Gary Wedgewood won the diving competition, Ray Christl took the 400-yard freestyle and Tim Lindgren and Bill Davis contributed to the medley relay victory.

This meet was the culmination of a perfect season for the team as they swept through undefeated.

This was also the third time they’ve beaten Schurz and the second win at the Schurz pool.

Congratulations to the Swim Team and to Coach Randy Wartman, and best wishes for continued success in the Red Division.


The Roosevelt Waveriders drowned Tilden by a score of 79-15.  The first event, the medley relay, was won by Roosevelt consisting of Tim Lindgren, Keith Clarke, Bill Davis, and Ed Hirsch.

Triple event winners in this meet were Ray Christl and Steve Trilling.  The winner of the Bowen-Schurz meet will play the Waveriders for the Blue city Championship.









Swim line scores


RHS Varsity 58
Kelvyn Park 24
RHS Frosh 60
Kelvyn Park 17
RHS Varsity 59
Lake View 25
RHS Frosh 60
Lake View 20

review 1 9

Bowling team holds 3-1 record

by Scott Rosen

The Roosevelt bowling team which is coahed by Mr. Fermoyle has now boosted its record to three wins and one loss in league competition. The only returning letteren from last year’s squad are George Lazewski and Tim Pigott but the team has been aided tremendously by such newcomers as Scott rosen, Dennis Descher, Carl Painter, Russell Johnson, Lee Licea and Paul Zakzewski.

Since beating Kelly in their first game the team lost to Kelvyn Park, beat Tuley by a score of 2,510 to 2,020 and beat Schurz.

The next game the team plays is against Lane who won the city championship last year.

The team plays their gams at the Drake Bowl so go there and root your team to victory.

Wave Riders continue streak against Steinmetz

by Ray Christl

The Roosevelt Swim Team continued its victory string in league competition by defeating Steinmetz. The Varsity now has an overall league record of 8-0, following the 54-32 victory over Steinmetz.

The medley relay consisting of Lindgren, Clarke, Christl and Trilling laced first as did the freestyle relay of Davidovic, Trilling, Hirsch and Wedgewood. Individual winners were Keith Clarke, Mellan Davidovic, Ray Christl and Tim Lindgren.

The Frosh-soph beat Steinmetz 47-32. It now has a league record of 7-1, the only loss was at the hands of Schurz who will be at Roosevelt Feb. 5. This meet will decide the North Section titles in both the Varsity and Frosh-Soph.

Outstanding swimmers for the Frosh-soph were Jim Boyd, Al Merohek, Neil Sussman, Dave Margolis and Rick Jerz.


Swim line scores

RHS Frosh………………….49



RHS Varsity………………..54



RHS Frosh………………….47


RHS athletes get scholarships

Through the means of an athletic scholarship, one may easily attain a college education at a very small cost.

Athletic scholarships have already been offered to five members of this year’s successful football team.  Most students at Roosevelt do not realize that almost every year athletic scholarships are offered to members of the basketball and football teams.

Captain of the football team, George Lazewski, as well as Greg Young and Jerome Waterman have been offered scholarships to Yankton College in Yankton, South Dakota.  John Gruber has been offered a scholarship to Wright Junior College here in Chicago.  Pat Mattera has been offered an athletic scholarship to Valparaiso in Indiana.

Riders win league opener

RHS-86, Foreman-66

Roosevelt‘s basketball team started their league season off right by stinging the Foreman High School Hornets 86-66. The RHS basketball team were in command throughout the whole game.

The starting line-up consisted of Larry Peoples at center, Paul Jefferson and Donald Ray as forwards, and James Williams and Irwin Jefferson at the guards positions.

The first field goal of the game was scored by Irwin Jefferson on a fifteen foot jump shot. The Riders kept Foreman scoreless for the first few minutes of the game and allowed them only 13 points in the first quarter while we scored 27 points. The score at half was a comfortable lead of 44 to 31 in Roosevelt‘s favor.

After the half-time entertainment, the third quarter was a little tense as Foreman cut the margin to 5 points. But then Roosevelt started moving again and led 64-52 at the end of the third quarter.

In the fourth period, Roosevelt eased into a comfortable lead as all of the players on the team got to see action on the floor. The final score was 86-66.

The top scorers for Roosevelt were Paul Jefferson with 26 points, Don Ray with 25, and James Williams with 21.

Foreman133152 — 66
Roosevelt274464 –86
P. Jefferson12226
I. Jefferson248

Basketball schedule

  • Von Steuben, January 28, Wednesday (X)
  • Foreman, February 6, Friday
  • Senn, February 11, Wednesday (X)
  • Sullivan, February 18, Wednesday
  • Schurz, February 20, Friday (X)
  • Von Steuben, February 25, Wednesday