March 7, 1969, Vol. 52 – No. 7

  1. Education Council Seeks Improvements
  2. In Review
  3. Auditions Held, Review to Present ‘South Pacific’
  4. Ted Saves Accident Victims
  5. Hirai Heads Class of ’70
  6. We’re Number One!
  7. Council Presents Proposals at Meeting by Marc Primack
  8. Letter to the Editor
  9. Integration Depends on the Individual by Bruce Weitzman
  10. Teen Drug Use: A Sign of the Times by Janice Hanson and Elinor Pearlstein
  11. Research Shows Marijuana’s Effects
  12. Illinois Moves to Legalize ‘Pot’
  13. ‘Pot’ Only Part of Total Drug Scene
  14. Why, Roosevelt Hasn’t Changed a Bit! by Marc Primack
  15. Stop the Lift, I Want to Get Off!
  16. Hankin’s Sophomores Take Emerson Literally
  17. Rough Riters by Rusty Nedza
  18. Proficiencies Plague Gym Girls by Patti Sande
  19. Which One of You Is Al Kaseltzer?’ by Diana Lenik
  20. ‘Oh, It Was Nothing At All’ by Cathy Rossobillo
  21. Peek at the Pick
  22. Classified Ads
  23. Roosevelt Wins Blue North Title!
  24. ‘Levi, Levi, He’s Our Man!’
  25. Riders Beat Simeon in First Playoff Game
  26. Roosevelt Bowlers Win Four Straight
  27. Coaches Suggest New Cage Set-Up