Classified Ads

VIRGINIA: You bring babushka from old country?
MAUTS: How about some French lessons?
Ricky Masaki

To: Lisa, Carol, Eileen, Shirley, Pat, Patti and Amy, thanks for the lovely camping trip!
From: George, John, Ray, Randy, Lenny and Tim

R.K.: How's your French coming along? Are you progressing?

MARILYN: You don't belong in a city of six million people UGH! Pack up your wampum and go back to tribal village UGH!
A Fellow Savage

D.M.: Hey Honeeee - watcha doing?

DAB: Oink, Oink, Oink, Oink, Oink.

GEORGE: You sure are a lousy poker player. Next time you better wear more clothes.

TIM: We liked the real you at Duncan! Try Duncan-Life at Roosevelt.

MY DEAREST MICHAEL: Sniff, Sniff, Ml Life, My Love, My All!!!

RANDY E: You sure look cute in your pajamas.

GOTOR: Only a coup of months until the official opening of the Road Runners, alias the Devon Daredevils. Fasten your seatbelts.

KEITH (K.C.): Congratulations on taking first in three meets at Steinmetz. Next time I'll expect you to beat out Ray by two full lengths.

PATTI: I'll have to let your mom know about the goings on at Camp. You're really a nightowl!

In Old Country, never wrote Classified Ads!

MR. WHYTE: Bobbypins are a great investment at 29cents. Scissor phantom around. Hair-BEWARE!

FERN & GERRIE: Congratulations on being elected Co-Captain(s)! Lots of luck and love always.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid are alive and well and laughing loudly at the Gateway Theater.

HEIDI (Alias Lisa the K): What happened to the Pig Tails?

WOODPECKER: Don't wake me just smile.

PURPLE MARTIN: I'll flash your lights before I come in!

PAT: Can I have my pants back now?

CAROL R: John get out of my life.
R and G

LYRA: Sleep tight and pleasant dream "smack."
A Mid-Night Raider

P&C: Thanks for the midnight nap.
T and G

LYRA: Who won the football game on "holding" penalties?
Two spectators

P and C: Is that all you really did was play cards at Purple Martin?

P and C.: Thanks for the use of your scarfs.
G and R

BELLE: Don't get nervous when you're hit by a truck. Next time Burn Rubber.
Fearful passengers

MAUREEN: Doctor says I'm allergic to tea.

YANA: Change your name to Majako tomorrow.

Camp Duncan Reveals ALL!!

My Dearest Lisa: Meet me in the cabin "Black Oak" at 4:00 A.M. Don't be late. Love and Kisses.
"Little Hood"

RAY and SHIRLEY: Were you two really catching frogs and feeding horses that day??

JZ & SM: The Maniac Car Rental Agency announces its biggest bargain of the century. This month you can have, at your disposal, a brand-old, chauffeur-driven, scratched up red Ford to drive you to your destination, whether it's Kedzie and Elston, Mozart and Belle Plaine, Sacramento and Belle Plaine or Downtown Snowbank. Our specialties include running into buses and police cars.

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