The early bird nabs the worm

“Students will not be allowed into the building tomorrow until 8:55,” is a familiar welcomed though to all Roosevelt students.

We all know Roosevelt’s administration graces its students once a month by having one of their friendly faculty meetings. However, it’s amazing the number of students who fail to take advantage of this opportunity to sleep an extra hour.

If you’re like most absent-minded students, and haven’t already forgotten, you too will probably forget about the meeting and foolishly arrive at 8 o’clock.

It’s an extremely frustrating and embarrassing situation. Each student who experiences it finds his own method of handling it.

First of all, there’s the kid who absentmindedly leaves his house at 7:30 and plods sleepily to school. The thought, “Teachers’ Meeting” suddenly hits. He stops short, gasps, groans, and about-faces in an effort to return to his warm bed.

The next person isn’t as lucky. On the way to school she wonders why the bus is so empty and why there are only a few heads in front of Roosevelt. Pretending to ignore her surroundings she reaches for the door only to find it locked. Now she remembers what day it is but she is too late. She has no choice but to stand in the cold, cursing all those who should have reminded her of the 9:00 division.

The next absent-minded group comes sprinting off their bus, in an attempt to be on time for once, when some yells, “You’re not late.” Suddenly it occurs to them, “Teachers’ Meeting.” They spend the next 45 minutes catching their breaths.

The greatest of the early birds are the ones who try to act “coolish” instead of “foolish.” As they approach the school and realize it’s a late day, they casually turn their heads and stroll on by, pretending they had every intention of walking up and down Lawrence Avenue for 45 minutes.

So if you’d like to spend an interesting morning sometime, try coming early on the day of a teachers’ meeting. On second thought, don’t bother trying, because it’s bound to happen accidentally.

But try and remember the February 4th meeting and all other future meetings.

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