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GUESTS: You know that was a wow New Year’s Eve party.  Thanks for coming.



TATI: Bicycling is the only way to travel!

PATTI: Open your mouth.

The Mad Popcorn Thrower


SUE: Why is your Co-Captain upside down????

MAR: You’ll never get your quarter.

SHIRLEY A.: Why is majorette dust so cold?

Ricky K


MISS HAWK: Je ferais rein pour vous (pas tu) except sit through any more of those dreadful 0-0 games!!

Got that TIRED and RUN-DOWN feeling?

You may be suffering from pizza-itis!!

C.R.: Only 4 months and 2 days and a few hours till the big day.


Mush: You’re so isolated.

Paula: Which way to Coventry?

Paula: Go to Schenectady.

P.S. and K.D.

Don’t forget speech practice.

Mrs Rocklin

Cathleen: Some people buy stupid things for $11.00 at Woolworth’s with engravings and then flush it down the toilet.

But you know how these young people are.

Miss Longo

Shari: How’s the travelodge? Don’t give me any more pens if you don’t want me to know.

Guess Who?

Backseat Driver: Don’t knock my apple cookies.  Can I help it if they looked like soggy potato chips and tasted like rubber with dirt on them?


D.L.: Go and rap to that dude.

Mar: Meet me on the roof at Bernard and Montrose to do you know what.

Ellen: Sure nothing happened that night.

Michelle: Did you hear the one about two camels?

Marcia: Meat and Potatoes Forever.


Eileen Over: Patricia Cake has sore hands.

Mike Crophone

Well, indecisive people are better than belching hallguards!!!

Carol or 6th period: Bessy, Matz or sanity

Reinisch: Your name came up at lunch today!!

Nick A.: Yeah that’s a real fire – Yeah Nick that’s Lake View.

Nick D.

Helen: W.W. is watching you so keep up the good work.  Though the apple cookies taste horrible and the milkshakes stink you can always turn to tuna, cheese or liver.

W.W. Partner

CATHY: Thanks for living where you do.  Happy New Year.


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