In Review …

Class of ’70 chooses motto, flower, song

The class of ’70 graduation committee under the chairmanship of Waverly Hill has decided on the class motto and class flower.  The motto is “The future can be achieved only by present victory over the past.”  The flower is the rose.

Soon to be decided is the class song, which the seniors will all vote on.  They have a choice of 3 songs.  Mark Primack and Michael Dorf wrote one to the tune of “The Days of Wine and Roses”.  Eileen Cooks and Diana Lenik wrote their song to the tune of “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” and Lauri King wrote hers to the tune of “Another Op’ning, Another Show.”

The song that they decide on will be sung on Graduation night.


Interschool Council delegates chosen

Roosevelt students recently held an election for those students they wanted to represent them in the Area C Interschool Council.  One student from each year was elected.   Kathy Licht received the most votes as a senior.  The junior elected was Phyllis Taylor, and Larry Johnson was elected as the sophomore representative.

The representative elected will meet with the representatives from other schools and talk about problems common to all the Area C schools.



Activity show features “Medieval Times”

“The Medieval Times” were featured in the first student activity show of this semester.  Those who had paid their student activity fees heard a variety of popular songs such as “Come See About Me,” “Shotgun,” “I’m a Man,” and “Take Me Back.”  The Medieval Times displayed their creative talent at the end of their show by playing an original piece.

The group consisted of three guitars, one saxophone, two trumpets, and a drum.  An unusual feature of the show was the use of an electric violin.


RHS students win keys in Art Fair

A total of nineteen students from Roosevelt won keys in the recent Scholastic Art Fair.

Those whose portfolios will go on for competition in New York are Liz Larsen and Keith Steinke.

The key finalists are John Behrmann, Judy Koehl and Pam Rudnick.

Key winners were Danuta Berenfeld, Carola Kanaya, Garry Reznic, Sue Robin and Susan Uyeda.

Merits were given to Michael Leibman, Lew Mark, Albazi Martin, Dimitrios Melisina, Keith McPhearson, Ingrid Nelson, Joan Palmer, James Simpson, and Charles Wasserstrom.


Jankowski experiments with grammar

Miss Carol Jankowski is experimenting with grammar in her junior English classes.  The program is individualized English, in which each student works on his own weak points of grammar.

The program comes from Northwestern University which worked closely with Roosevelt’s English faculty.


G.A.A. to sponsor bowling party

The G.A.A. is sponsoring a bowling party at the Drake Alleys on Drake and Montrose.  All girls interested will be able to sign up either as a team or as individuals to be placed on a team.

As Mrs. Levin told her senior classes, “If you have never bowled before in your life this is your opportunity to begin taking part in an enjoyable sport.”


Pep Squad’s Pickle tradition carries on

Roosevelt is a school of many traditions.  One of them is the annual Pep Squad Pickle sale.  This year the sale will be held on March 17 in front of the lunchroom.  The sale will go on for all four lunch periods, and pickles can be purchased for a mere 15 ¢.

The idea of having a sale was thought of two years ago by ex-Teddie Janet Levin.  Her reason was that she wanted to sell something green, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, which falls on March 17th.




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