“Pine Bros. Cough Drops”




"One zillion, two zillion!"
“One zillion, two zillion!”

A peek into Room 329 any day after school makes the average peeker wonder just what exactly is going on.

Room 329 is the meeting place for those students interested in helping the Review staff in its participation in the “Pine Bros. Cough Drops Contest.”

This needs some explanation: A few weeks ago, several members of our school’s journalism class attended a Tommy James and the Shondells’ press conference.

At this conference, reporters were told of a contest, the object of which is to collect more Pine Bros. Cough Drop boxes (or the words “Pine Bros. Cough Drops printed on 3X5 cards) than any other school. The prize, it was announced, would be a Shondells’ concert for the winning school, plus a monetary award.

This should explain why a dozen kids or so can almost always be found writing industriously in 329 – the only sounds being the scratch of pens on paper, the ancient paper cutter begging for some oil, and the groans when someone accidentally writes “Pine Bros. Cough Droughs.”

Each day an increasing number of students become involved in card-writing, and each day more and more cards and boxes come pouring in.

The total now – believe it or not – is more than 400,000.  The cabinets in Room 329 are slowly but surely getting filled to the brim.

Because the contest’s prize (the concert) is one that will be shared with the entire school, the staff hopes that everyone will help print the cards.

“The doors of 329 are always open,” says one card-writer, “so everyone can come in to write or to deliver cards.”

If it’s hard for you to stay after school to help with cards, there are always boring Sunday afternoons at home, a perfect time to busy yourself with this school project.

Either way, remember to print “Pine Bros. Cough Drops” on our 3X5 cards, and to keep those cards and boxes coming in!

The contest ends March 21. All cards and boxes must be in by this date.  So, if you want to bring Tommy James and the Shondells, plus the Litter and Baby Huey and the Baby Sitters to Roosevelt to perform a rock concert, get busy.  There are only a few days left so Riders – write on!

REVIEW sponsors rock contest.  Cindy Tomaszek and Kathy Owiecki pose with Tommy Jones
REVIEW sponsors rock contest. Cindy Tomaszek and Kathy Owiecki pose with Tommy Jones

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