Social Center a huge success

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March 1970
by Russ Hirai

Two years of petitions and requests are finally paying off for Roosevelt students as Roosevelt’s evening social center is now in full operation.

Over 300 students have bought tickets to the Friday night sessions, engaging in a variety of activities, including basketball, pool, swimming, table tennis and volleyball.  The $1.00 tickets are good for ten sessions, so an RHS student pays only ten cents for each session.

The operation of the center is maintained by a faculty-student group under the supervision of Dr. Zimmerman.

Teacher supervision is provided by Mr. Massey, Miss Koffman, Mr. Klein, Mr. Layden, Miss Kaplan and Mr. Cetinske.

A student group of Ricky Karlin, Eileen Cooks, Jan Matsumoto, Don Maruyama, Carol Reinisch, Jim Shroeder, Janet Ohka, Mike Quaintance, Marcia Yoshizumi and George Kondiles is responsible for the setting-up and care of equipment.

At various times in the past two years, Roosevelt has asked the Board of Education for permission to start an evening social center.  Not until this year, however, with an increase in revenue and the closing of the Max Straus Center, has it been possible for Roosevelt to begin a lighted schoolhouse program.

The major concern – that of enthusiasm and participation – appears to be solved.  The sessions thus far have enjoyed great response in both areas.

How much of this enthusiasm is attributed to novelty remains to be seen, but right now Roosevelt’s evening social center program is a success.

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