Waveriders win Blue city title

The Roosevelt Waveriders won the Blue City Championship by sinking Schurz 48-46.

The team was led by Keith Clarke who won the 160-yard individual medley, the 100-yard butterfly and who swam in a winning medley relay.

Also pacing the team was Steve Trilling who won the 60- and 100-year freestyle and who swam in a winning medley relay.

Gary Wedgewood won the diving competition, Ray Christl took the 400-yard freestyle and Tim Lindgren and Bill Davis contributed to the medley relay victory.

This meet was the culmination of a perfect season for the team as they swept through undefeated.

This was also the third time they’ve beaten Schurz and the second win at the Schurz pool.

Congratulations to the Swim Team and to Coach Randy Wartman, and best wishes for continued success in the Red Division.


The Roosevelt Waveriders drowned Tilden by a score of 79-15.  The first event, the medley relay, was won by Roosevelt consisting of Tim Lindgren, Keith Clarke, Bill Davis, and Ed Hirsch.

Triple event winners in this meet were Ray Christl and Steve Trilling.  The winner of the Bowen-Schurz meet will play the Waveriders for the Blue city Championship.









Swim line scores


RHS Varsity 58
Kelvyn Park 24
RHS Frosh 60
Kelvyn Park 17
RHS Varsity 59
Lake View 25
RHS Frosh 60
Lake View 20

review 1 9

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