January 26, 1970 Vol 53 No. 5

1. In Review

2. RHS to start evening social center by Russ Hirai

3. Humanities course to be offered by Marc Primack

4. G.I. alumnus appreciates gifts

5. Memorial Assembly, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

6. Lunchroom situation ridiculous by Marc Primack

7. Special courses offer stimulus, skills – A.P. and O.O


8. Letters to the Editor – January 1970

9. Movie ratings unfair, ridiculous by Kathy Licht

10. Rough Riters by Diana Lenik

11. “Mr. Chips” well worth seeing by Nina Bennett

12. The early bird nabs the worm by Marilyn Craig

13. Classified Ads

14. Riders win league opener

15. Frosh-soph rolls past Foreman

16. Wave Riders continue streak against Steinmetz by Ray Christl

17. RHS athletes get scholarships

18. Bowling team holds 3-1 record by Scott Rosen

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