G.I. alumnus appreciates gifts

Dear People of RHS:

It has been two years since I graduated from Roosevelt High School.

I never really bothered to get involved in any of the school groups and little clubs.  If I would have known that they were wonderful enough to try and make Christmas a holiday for a soldier, I would have been an active member.

My job here is medical evacuation pilot.  I sleep in a bed every night so I’m not that bad off.  The guys out in the field that get your packages will really be thrilled because I am.

There have been times when I wasn’t aware of what holidays were.  Thank you all for bringing a little season cheer into my Christmas.

Because of the quantity of things sent to me, all the other guys in my hootch are equally grateful.  When I climb into my helicopter Christmas I think of good ole RHS.

Thanks again –

W01 George W. Rose

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