Humanities course to be offered

by Marc Primack

By being subjected to the same traditional course structure year after year, students often become disinterested and lose an accurate view of a subject.

Next year, a new Humanities course to be offered to seniors will try to overcome this basic problem through the combined studies approach to education.

This new program is in reality two separate courses, one in English, one in social studies, which are meshed together to make a related whole out of what is now a disjointed sequence of courses.

The concepts taught in both history and English courses  are often different views on the same principles; this approach allows the two subjects to complement each other as they should.

Three basic themes will be underlying this program: 1) Man and his relationship to God, 2) Man his relationship to Society, and 3) Man and his relationship to himself, are all basically involved in stressing the importance of man to these two subjects.

By emphasizing the fact that this combined studies program might tryly teach the student something about himself, the process of education itself is given added meaning.

Two credits will be given for the completion of this program and it will consist of two class periods each day.  The four teachers involved in these courses must work together to coordinate the program.

Miss Strassman, the English teacher and Mr. Levin, who will teach the social studies segment will be responsible for the basic courses.  They will be joined by Mrs. Segel and Mr. Zabinski, respectively art and music teachers, who will add an extra dimension to the program.

The enrollment in the program will be limited to a group of less than thirty.  Students will be able to sign up through their English classes.

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