Rough Riters – Jan 1970

by Diana Lenik

There are two groups of people who watch television, those who watch anything and those who are more select.  For the second group, I present the Rough Riters TV guide.

“Our People” on Sundays, channel 11 at 8:00, provides you with knowledge of prominent blacks, watch it once, no matter what race you are.  Big Brother isn’t watching.

“Mission Impossible” on Sundays channel 2 at 9:00 is an action-packed drama, although a little farfetched.  Anything’s possible with the IMF, those imposters who consistently trick everyone with their identities.  Besides Leonard Nimoy didn’t sink the starship Enterprise.  He’s alive and well and living on ” Mission Impossible.”

One funny show is “Love, American Style,” on Mondays, channel 7 at 9:00.  It features short sequences showing many humorous sides of love.

Another is “Room 222” on Wednesdays, channel 7 at 7:30.  It is one of the new shows that has survived the ratings battle.  Life in Whitman High is very much like life in Roosevelt High, and there’s nothing more satisfying than laughing at yourself.

Sports shows take up a large percentage of viewing time, but most sports shows are one-shot deals (no offence, Bulls fans, your team definitely makes more than one shot).

And speaking of sports, there are only 86 days until the Cubs’ first home game in Wrigley Field.  Bleacher Bums, get your pencils and beer cans ready.

If none of this appeals to you, there are three things to do.  One, wait for the new shows. Two, turn the set off. Three, just watch commercials.   Watching basketball players singer about Diet-Rite Cola is funnier than Laugh-In anyway.

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