Special courses offer stimulus, skills

A.P. and O.O

Those students who are looking for a challenging and highly rewarding experience at Roosevelt next year should consider the Advanced Placement U.S. History.  Although U.S. History is a requirement usually fulfilled during a student’s junior year, the course is given an added dimension when it is taken on the A.P. level.

A desire for getting below the surface and finding the root of a problem and a willingness to work to accomplish this is needed for success in the course.  Critical thinking, problem solving ability, and research techniques are developed in the course and concepts and interpretations rather than facts are emphasized.

The student in an A.P. class benefits from a weighted grading system.  Since a student must exert more effort in an A.P. class, each grade is considered two points above regular class grades when figuring grade point averages.

The A.P. program also provides students with the opportunity to receive college credit for their work.  This is determined by satisfactory achievement in the classroom and on the A.P. examination.  This test is offered nationally each May by the College Entrance Board and all A.P. students at Roosevelt are encouraged to take it.

Office Occupations

The Office Occupations program at Roosevelt is now in its fourth year.  The program is designed to offer senior girls who want a career in office work or who plan to study teacher education, office administration, or executive secretarial training a chance to learn and apply office skills in a practical situation.

The students are placed in jobs that fit their needs and skills.  The jobs offered include clerical work, typists, junior stenographers, receptionists, and other beginning office jobs.  The jobs may be located in the neighborhood or downtown and may even offer summer employment.

The course consists of a double period of secretarial practice daily and 15-20 hours of work after school each week.  The students get 2.5 credits for the course, 1.5 credits for the secretarial practice and 1 credit for working.

Any junior who is now taking steno and typing, and is interested in the program should see Miss Gail Golub, the program coordinator in room 323.

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