RHS to start evening social center

“Lighted schoolhouse”

by Russ Hirai

After months of petitions and requests, Roosevelt has finally been given the green light for an evening social center.

Final details are presently being worked out for an evening program which will include such activities as swimming, dances, ping pong, billiards and co-ed gym.

As it is presently being organized, the program will be on Friday evenings from 6:30 to 10:30 P.M. and will be held about ten times a semester.

Supervision will be maintained by members of the Physical Education staff and a group of students who will plan and set up the evening’s activities.  Refreshments will be sold with the cooperation of the lunchroom department.

The key to the program’s success is participation  and interest of the students.  At least 500 advance registration tickets must be sold to insure the program’s continuance.

Judging by the initial interest in the gym classes, this number should have no trouble being met; the problem is continuance of support.  Von Steuben had a similar program but was forced to abandon it due to lack of support.

Support for initiating a social center at Roosevelt has persisted for some years, but has never been started because of lack of funds.

Now apparently an increase in revenue coupled with the closing of the Max Straus Center has given Roosevelt the opportunity for a “lighted schoolhouse.”

According to Dr. Zimmerman, plans for the social center are now progressing rapidly and the program could easily begin operation as early as mid-February.

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